You said “Free”?

Who would ever do work for free? Ask yourself, what could I possibly gain from doing work for free? I’ll tell you. How about experience, exposure and a sense of helping out someone else. When I first started working in the design and illustration business I did jobs for free all the time. They may not put food on the table at that moment, but the dividends could pay off well into the future. A good example of this is the “Art in Transit” poster series I did for the city of Boise. While I did get paid, the amount was well short of what I would have generally gotten paid for a project of that magnitude. However, the exposure my art received was beyond anything I could have afforded at that time. And the truth of the matter is, I am still reaping the benefits of that exposure to this day. Some may call it the luck of the draw but I saw it as a great opportunity to have my artwork appear in a very public setting and have all the printing done on another’s dime. Look for these opportunities wherever you can. Some may not take off, but you never know when one will and just where it might take you.